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Uskovski: Judicial Council guarantees independence



Judicial impartiality is the goal of every modern society. The Judicial Council secures and guarantees the judiciary’s independence through its operations, in compliance with the Constitution and the law, said Council president Branko Uskovski at Monday’s roundtable “Role of the Judicial Council and high courts in protecting judges from meddling in their independence”.

“The Judicial Council applies the core values of the Constitution and the establishment of an independent judiciary”, said Uskovski. According to him, the prevention of influence on judges regarding their election and promotion is already implemented in the law.

“Only a candidate who has passed the training for judge or public prosecutor can be elected judge in a Basic Court, an Appellate Court judge must have a four­year experience in a Basic Court, while a Supreme Court judge must have at least six­year experience as a judge in an Appellate Court”, said Uskovski.

Furthermore, a only a candidate who has received highest marks compared to other applicants can be elected as a judge in a higher court. Justice Minister Adnan Jasari said the Judicial Council has the task of protecting the independence of the judiciary and judges from any control by the executive and the legislative branches, as well as pressure from the inside.

“In this regard, the Judicial Council is obliged to defend the unlimited freedom of judges to impartially rule in the cases, in line with their conscience and interpretation of the facts and in compliance with the rule of law”, added Jasari.

Asked about the jurisdiction of the Special Public Prosecutor, Minister Jasari said the law stipulates that the cases in her competence would be determined depending on their content.

“If there is evidence according to which the Special Public Prosecutor is considered the competent institution, then she is obliged to initiate proceedings in these cases”, stressed Jasari.