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VMRO-DPMNE: Hiding the agreement with Bulgaria raises doubts

VMRO-DPMNE believes that withholding the agreement the Government has reached with Bulgaria, which should be signed it in a few weeks, has raised doubts that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is selling Macedonia’s national and state interests.

While Zaev keeps the Macedonian civil and scientific public in darkness by not telling what he has agreed to in Bulgaria, refusing to inform MPs in the Parliament of the contents of the agreement, the Bulgarian government on July 5 sent the agreement to the Bulgarian Parliament, in order for the lawmakers to give an assessment. Zaev’s lack of transparency in the entire negotiation process and his silence regarding the insults that Bozidar Dimitrov, director of the Bulgarian National Historical Institute directed towards Macedonia, that the fulfillment of the agreement would mean an end to Macedonianism, and that the Macedonian language is a Bulgarian dialect raises suspicion that Zaev is selling Macedonia’s national and state interests, VMRO-DPMNE said in a statement.

VMRO-DPMNE also adds that although he promised public debates on all important issues, this is not the case..

It is scandalous that the MANU as the highest expert and scientific institution in the country to have no information about the agreement with Bulgaria, which Zaev negotiated in Sofia. It is unacceptable that the MANU keeps silent on the non-transparency of the Government. Even though MANU President Taki Fiti met with Zaev, he did not ask him to inspect the agreement, which is of particular importance for the country, the statement added.

The party says that Fiti should overcome the fear of Zaev and show minimum credibility because, as its says, leads the institution with the greatest scientific potential in Macedonia.