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VMRO-DPMNE leader Gruevski meets British MPs

A delegation of ruling VMRO-DPMNE party led by its leader Nikola Gruevski in the frames of the visit to London, had working lunch and meeting with Lords and UK Members of Parliament and discussed several topics of interest to Macedonia.

The working lunch was attended by British MP Jeffrey Donaldson representing Democratic Unionist Party, the Lord Martin Callanan, member of EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee in the UK Parliament, the Lord Mark Marlesford, member of House of Lords for 25 years, MP Daniel Kawczynski, member of Foreign Policy Committee, MP Christopher Heaton-Harris and MP Cheryl Gillan.

Gruevski at the meeting referred to the reforms undertaken in the sphere of economy, current political development related to the political crisis imposed by the opposition, fulfilling Macedonia’s strategic goals as well as challenges emerging from migrant crisis.

“The meeting was useful because it tackled very important matters both for Macedonia and the region. We have informed them about very visit positive trends in Macedonia and about many challenges and ways how to be surpassed and resolved, Gruevski said after the meeting.

MP Cheryl Gillan underlined British support to NATO membership and welcomed Macedonia’s economic results.

“I hope to welcome Macedonia in the NATO family as soon as possible. Few years ago when I met Gruevski for the first time, I was impressed from his plans for the economy and what he wanted to do in order to reduce unemployment. I am glad to have had the opportunity to once again meet him in the UK and to hear about his success in the economy especially for succeeding in reducing the unemployment from 38% to 24%,” Gillan said, adding that it is important for all citizens and she hopes that he will be successful in the future helping to speed up economic development.

“Trade exchange with Great Britain is good and we have great expectations for the future. In regard to the NATO, Macedonian troops participate in the missions alongside with NATO troops and it is good for the country’s future and goal for NATO membership,” Gillan said.

Lord Callanan pointed out the potentials for cooperation and positive impressions from the economic reforms which are implemented aimed at raising the citizens’ standard of living.

“The opportunities for cooperation are excellent. We respect the right of Macedonia to join the NATO and EU. We hope that we will cooperate in the organisation. I am impressed by the economic reforms, which are being implemented and economic progress you achieve,” Callanan said.

In view of the migrant crisis, he added, we respect your decision to close the border for migrants and I am glad that you are on the right side of Europe, instead of being the center of the problem. Final solution should be sought in resolving the problem in Syria but we significantly appreciate your help so far, Callanan said.

Gruevski met with David Lidington, President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons in the UK Parliament and discussed about opportunities for cooperation, current developments in Macedonia and challenges it faces with.

“Lidington visited Macedonia when he was Minister of State for Europe and he is on high position in the UK Parliament. We led talks with him and informed him about the current development, perspectives until the elections and expectations after the elections. We also heard his views and opinions. We have presented true information and steps we have made or we plan to implement,” Gruevski stated after the meeting.

VMRO-DPMNE leader on Thursday met with Patrick McLoughlin, leader of the Conservative Party and party’s Vice President Mark Field.

The meetings with Conservative Party focused on establishing good relations with this party and to brief on political and economic issues in Macedonia and to open new perspectives for cooperation. We have fruitful meetings at which we have informed in details about all conditions in Macedonia, the challenges it faces with and what can be expected in the future. We also used the meetings to promote Macedonia and to provide bigger support for our country in the future from the Conservative Party which is governing party in the UK, Gruevski underlined.

VMRO-DPMNE delegation also includes member of the executive committee Nikola Poposki and MPs Aleksandar Nikolovski and Vladimir Gjorcev.