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Vucic confirms Gruevski crossed through Serbia, says there was no arrest warrant at the time


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed that Gruevski traveled through his country on his way to Hungary. The former Macedonian Prime Minister entered Albania through an undisclosed crossing, and later used the Bozaj crossing from Albania into Montenegro, continued into Serbia before using the Horgos crossing from Serbia to Hungary.

– On November 12th, around 22:30, he entered into Serbia through the Gostun crossing from Montenegro, using an official identity card from Macedonia, accompanied by two persons. He left Serbia at 5:01 through the Horgos crossing, using his identity card, accompanied by two diplomats in a diplomatic vehicle. Interpol Skopje issued an arrest warrant at 19:35. So, if we had tried to stop Gruevski when he left Serbia, it would’ve amounted to kidnapping him, President Vucic said, adding that Gruevski was accompanied by Hungarian diplomats.

Vucic said that he last spoke with Gruevski in 2017, over the Parliament incident in Macedonia, when he reached out to him from Vienna, urging him to appeal for calm, and again later when they discussed issues related to the European People’s Party.