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Vucic demands Zaev answer why it took Macedonia so long to issue an arrest warrant for Gruevski


The main question over Nikola Gruevski is how was he able to leave Macedonia, asked Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic responded to criticism from Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Vucic acknowledged that Gruevski crossed through Serbia, after previously going through Albania and Montenegro on his way to Hungary, but insisted that when this happened, Macedonia still didn’t have an active arrest warrant against him.

– An international arrest warrant against Nikola Gruevski was submitted into our system whole three days after his espace. On November 14th. Who are they kidding? You demand that Serbia arrests a person who is not under a warrant? What are we, savages? How can you expect us to arrest somebody who is not being sought after. Instead of asking us how did we let him through, you better ask yourselves why it took you so long to issue the arrest warrant, Vucic responded asked about criticism from Macedonia during a TV interview.

Vucic confirmed that Gruevski crossed into Serbia from Montenegro, traversed Serbia and left for Hungary, long before an arrest warrant was issued against him, and said that, if Serbian police had tried to stop him, it would amount to his kidnapping. Vucic said that he has not been in touch with Gruevski often and for a long time, while his relationship with the current Macedonian Prime Minister Zaev is “normal.