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Vucic: We’ve shown them what they’ve created


Aleksandar Vucic has told Voice of America (VOA) that he was pleased with the results of Monday’s UN Security Council session.

The session was called to discuss Pristina’s decision to start forming an army in Kosovo – a move Serbia strongly opposes.

The Serbian president told VOA that Serbia has “informed everyone about the situation in Kosovo.”

In his address, he informed the Security Council that Serbia fulfilled all the obligations from the Brussels Agreement, while, as he said, “Pristina did not fulfill anything.”

He also informed the Council about the daily attacks on Serbs (in Kosovo), the arrest of Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric, the taxes on Serbian goods, with the aim to show the countries that advocated for Kosovo’s independence “what they have created.”

Vucic also met after the session with UN Secretary-General Antony Guterres, with whom he discussed Pristina’s unilateral moves and the situation in the region, the president’s office said.

Vucic thanked Guterres for expressing concern over Pristina’s decision to form armed forces and stressed that Pristina’s moves put regional stability at risk.

Vucic pointed out that Serbia continues to advocate a continuation of the dialogue, after Pristina withdraws its irrational decision.

The president said that Serbia attaches special importance to the presence and operation of UNMIK (UN mission) in Kosovo, bearing in mind that the political and security situation in Kosovo remains unstable.

“The presence and operation of UNMIK in Kosovo is of crucial for the Republic of Serbia, since the UN framework, based on this resolution (1244), guarantees the status neutrality of the international presence in the province,” Vucic said, and asked for greater UN involvement in the Kosovo issue.