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Water in Struga declared safe to drink



The Center for public health in Ohrid decided that the water in the public water supply system in the city of Struga is potable. The Center removed the earlier ban for use of the water in Struga, which was introduced after bacteria was found 10 days ago.

“After the water was treated with chlorine, five subsequent tests showed that it is safe to be used for drinking and food preparation both from a microbiological and chemical point of view”, Atanasko Mihailov.

The citizens of Struga, which is ironically located near one of the largest fresh water lakes in Europe ­ Ohrid ­ and on the Drim River that flows out of the lake, was left to scramble for water for the past 10 days.

Mihailov warned that water that is used in the rural areas, from their own, separate water systems, and is not chlorinated regularly, could also present a danger to the public health of the citizens.