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What are the most in-demand jobs in Macedonia?

Hygiene technicians top the list of advertised job vacancies in the country, with local employment agencies currently looking for 1,363 hygiene technicians for residences and businesses.

Also available are sales representative jobs (366). Almost as many are advertisements seeking apparel makers (220), waiters (193), cab drivers (192), general laborers (134), security guards (120), and garment quality controllers (99).

There are also unfilled vacancies for 99 programmers, 92 cooks, 90 warehouse workers, 77 administrative assistants, 77 bartenders, 73 cashiers, 58 truck drivers, 57 locksmiths, 51 packaging machine operators, 46 bakers, 44 administrators, 44 baking machine operators, 40 construction workers, and 38 sales distributors.

Figures released by the Employment Service Agency show that 5,000 job vacancies are open in Macedonia.

Most of these jobs are based in Skopje (3,516), followed by Vinica (511), Kocani (142), Kumanovo (113), Bitola (107), Strumica (105), and Tetovo (95).

The number of jobless persons in Macedonia, according to the latest figures, has reached 95,421, and 15,836 of them reside in Skopje.

The total number of the unemployed includes those with no formal education (41,628), incomplete high school (13,240), and a high school diploma (26,584).

The employment rate is higher for those with higher levels of educational attainment, but there are still 11,495 college graduates, 909 master’s degree holders, and 33 PhDs out of work.