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What is Zaev “more than satisfied” with?


Nenad Mircevski

Amid SDSM’s euphoric celebration, which only lacked fireworks, Zaev gave a statement saying he was “more than satisfied” with the special prosecutor election. We will certainly recall that statement, at the latest by April (and possibly much sooner) to see if, indeed, he made a good “deal” with the election of Katica Janeva and with the Law on Special Prosecutor or, as usual , he is just magnifying the expectations, trying to impose some pressure on the prosecutor from the very beginning. Meanwhile, we can expect that Soros minions will gradually increase their attacks on her, so that Janeva would put the political opposition of SDSM into jail, and the opposition could finally win the elections without an opponent. But what if the scenario doesn’t go as planned? Then the alibi for defeat will be without coverage because of the euphoria it is now artificially creating on Pavel Satev street, saying that they received more than they had asked for.

For these reasons, the question arises: What made Zaev to be “more than satisfied”?

According to the Law on Special Prosecutor, the special prosecutor Katica Janeva is entitled to decide how many associates she needs, and to choose from the ranks of the current prosecutors. Does that mean that Zaev is more than satisfied with the work of the current prosecutors and fully trusts them to completely finish the work? Will those same prosecutors, which only yesterday he called “mercenaries” and “government servants “, tomorrow be professionals for him? Well, wasn’t the prosecution under complete control of Gruevski?

Is Zaev more than satisfied that the cases will not be processed in a special court, but in the same court that SDSM leader many times said he does not recognize?

Is Zaev is more than satisfied with the experience of the prosecutor? Does he consider the notes of some of the experts that in her career the special prosecutor hasn’t worked on cases related to organized crime, criminal association, money laundering and other serious crimes which would require evidence from released bombs?

Is Zaev is more than satisfied that the special prosecutor will have only 18 months to investigate the possible crime of the government? Has his party assessed how much time she will need to listen to the illegally wiretapped phone calls? Or “someone” will give her an “advice” to which conversations to pay attention? What about the conversations in which there is no crime? Will anyone take responsibility for invasion of privacy? Nobody in SDSM can even consider that the special prosecutor will get only the recordings that Zaev presented to the public by their choice. All, but literally all the recordings, including Zaev’s, have to be found on Janeva’s desk.

We must not forget the “Coup” case,  where the leader of the opposition will have to give very serious answers to prove his innocence, without denying himself in every second sentence. We must not forget the affairs of other members of SDSM leadership, including the most recent scandal with “Magyar Telekom”. From that year and a half the prosecutor would have to pay attention to the investigation of these cases too. Will she have enough time to provide sound evidence for all suspected cases or because of the short period of time many affairs will remain unsettled forever?

If, however, Zaev is aware of all this, he must be especially satisfied with something else. Will the “independent” special prosecutor avoid the influence of certain international factors, which the foreign associates of Zaev don’t want to be discovered? Is that why  SDSM hopes that this time, as in many other cases, their crimes will be forgiven? I sincerely do not believe that foreigners will afford such insolence, but if they did, it does not mean that the criminals will be acquitted of all charged before the people. A ruling will come quickly – on 24 April.

If Zaev and company after all this believe they should be more than satisfied with what they got, then the show can begin.