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What kind of message does the color of Merkel’s blazer send?

The color’s choice of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s blazer is not random, analysts say.

Even Karl Lagerfeld rated Merkel’s style as “ok” and that is trousers with a straight leg, a longer blazer with three buttons and deep-cut pockets. Short hair, discreet jewelry, light make-up, and flats.

However, her dress-code hides a secret. In fact, Angela Merkel’s blazer color is determined by her mood and depends on where she goes, and with whom she meets on that particular day.

For example, purple and lilac blazers are designed for less formal meetings, one in which there is no serious issue to discuss. Beige and white are worn when she wants to send a message of peace, blue when there is a need to act seriously, but not as strictly as with black, while green is the color of optimism, and tranquility, balance, writes Mondo.

The famous model of her blazer was designed by Betina Šonbek and in 90 shades – something for every occasion.