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What not to drink when you are dehydrated


While heat is breaking records all over the globe, it is important not to forget to stay hydrated.

Though the idea of sipping on a cola or an artificial fruit juice may entice us totally, they never do justice to our bodies. Here’s why you must never have the following liquids to combat dehydration.

Sports drinks

Whether you are marathoning or not, sports drink can seem like the right kind of thing to grab if you are under the sun. However, here’s what you need to know. Sports drinks are meant for athletes, who lose their electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, while indulging in some hard-core activity. If an average exerciser drinks it, it simply means a 100 calories, artificial sweeteners and of course, carbs.

Packaged juices

If you think that you really did your body a favour by opting for juice over soda, you really need a fact check. Packaged juices too are extremely harmful with no or almost negligible nutrition when its harms are also looked at. They contain loads of sugars and preservatives, and if they are preservative-free, they are de-oxygenated, which again isn’t a very healthy thing. Also, the pulpy options out there may seem like they are retaining the fibre of the fruits, check the label and you would know that there’s hardly any fibre.

Vitamin water

Vitamin water has been added to the list of health fads as the enhanced water apparently is not healthy and firstly, not even needed. Water, as is, is the best because when you add vitamins, you can actually overdo on them, especially if you have a diet that contains enough of them. Also, mostly, these waters are high in liquid sugar, and their fructose levels are comparable to that of coca-cola.

Ice tea

Who doesn’t love an ice tea in this sweaty season? However, it is important to note that its bottled version has as much sugar as soda and even if you choose a diet option, it has synthetic sweeteners, like aspartame and sucralose. Still, it is a much better option out there as it is rich in antioxidants and helps in lowering the risk of several diseases. Also, if you can brew it at home, nothing like it.