Sunday, 28 November 2021 | News today: 0

What’s happening in the Ministry of Culture? Employees sent home at 14h, reason unknown

The employees of the Ministry of Culture were sent home early at 14:00h on Thursday, without being told the reason for this. They say that this has also happened before, due to the arrival of some delegations, and that’s why initially they were not surprised by the decision. However, “Republika” has learnt from its sources that it is a matter of police entering the Ministry, while not being noticed by the employees. However, employees who stayed in the vicinity of the building in which they work, noticed that police entered the building.

On Thursday we addressed the Ministry of Culture in writing with a journalist question, but we still have not received a response to the reason for emptying the Ministry’s building. It is speculated that after 14:30 h documents were taken from there. We also asked for answers by phone, but so far no information. We will try to get more detailed information today.