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Who lectures Zaev on Serbian language? (Part 1)

What is SDSM leadership implicated in with the engagement of Serbian advisers, who are linked to corruption scandals, as well as to the propaganda in Kosovo after which massive protests and clashes between the police and the Serbs in Kosovo, in which there were victims, took place? While the country was sinking into political crisis, the "Belgrade connection" created the strategy of SDSM, often with strong quarrels and Serbian language shouts over the incapacity and the need to run a smart policy, "Republika" has learned. It is unknown how much and through which channels Zaev paid the advice

“Republika” sources reveal scandalous information about engaging and paying advisers to SDSM from Serbia, as well as Zoran Zaev’s subordinate role towards them. The outcome of their advice is well known – the country is facing the biggest political crisis ever, with conditions, not only for the government but also for the businessmen, political opponents, even in his own party ranks, with illegally obtained materials, some of them publicly presented, as conditioning to take over power. All of this is well known. Until now it was unknown who is advising Zaev and how. SDSM’s headquarters building on Pavel Satev Street hides a good part of the answer to that question.

Neighbors and media teams have noticed that a gray jeep with Belgrade license plates is often parked in front of the headquarters of the party. “Republika” has learned that for several months, at regular timings, at least once in two weeks, three people came with the car at SDSM headquarters to meet with its leadership. They were the “Belgrade connection” that has been offering SDSM and Zaev assistance in public relations and assisted in the creation of the strategic action. In the whole logistics, there were three key people: Ivan Bender, Miljan Scekic and another famous entertainment manager.

“Sellers of expensive falsehood”- advisers to SDSM

In 2009 Miljan Scekic and Ivan Bedner opened the Ruskin & Hunt agency, an agency for strategic planning and public relations activities. Both have rich “portfolio.” Bender was an adviser to the OSCE in Serbia and Montenegro, and previously from 2000 to 2002 he was Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the Serbian government. Scekic, however, from 2005 to 2011 was the owner of the famous Arts & Crafts agency, which Serbian media linked to a corruption scandal for drawing state money for campaigns.

As agency, Arts & Crafts went out in 2011, when the Serbian Council for Combating Corruption opened a case on the famous affair of paying millions to private marketing agencies close to the names of government officials and foreign nationals at the time. Practically, money embezzled from the state’s coffers were laundered. According to the Serbian Anti-Corruption Council, only three of the 22 ministries did not use questionable agencies. One of them, according to the text “Sellers of expensive falsehood” is precisely Scekic’s Arts & Crafts, closely tied to the leadership of the Democratic Party at the time.

Scekic’s agency worked for the Serbian Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija, when in a short period of time it drew 7.8 million dinars. The activities of Scekic in Kosovo very much resemble the methods that Zaev took a couple of months ago.


To be continued…