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Why does Zaev not want for Gruevski to step down immediately?


Columnist: Nenad Mircevski


The spokesperson of the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, has confirmed EC’s support for Johannes Hahn. Will Soros aficionados start firing at Juncker, too, while putting Gruevski on a throne as if he was Chuck Norris, who manages to control whoever he wants and to put together anything he comes up with?


Soros’ media made Gruevski the most powerful man not just in Macedonia, but also in the region. Even in Europe. Firstly, he allegedly wiretapped 20.000 citizens by himself, than he allegedly attacked the government with missile grenades by himself, organized the attack in Gosince. He was even behind the terrorist attack in Kumanovo and made a deal with UCK members to spark incidents in the country. Also, Gruevski has been forcing hundreds of thousands of citizens to vote for VMRO-DPMNE for years. As if he had forced 100.000 citizens to come to a rally. But, there is more. Latest theories of Soros’ ‘experts’ say that Gruevski also controls Johannes Hahn, as well as the rest of the MEPs who took part in negotiations for overcoming the crisis. According to them, the Prime Minister has the ability to control everyone’s mind, not just Zaev’s. What could the problem possibly be?


Zaev keeps acting more like Soros spokesperson and it has become evident he can no longer keep up granting wishes to Soros’ angry birds. He made their wish of negotiations in Brussels to fall apart come true, after he failed to keep his word from Skopje. He made a fool of himself and the country before foreign diplomats by declining to take part in the meeting, and than changed his mind with the speed of light. He asked for an urgent and unconditional withdrawal of the prime minister, and now he insists on unconditional acceptance of the Bulgarian model of transitional government, which would be established six months prior to every following elections. It won’t come as any surprise if Zaev and his collaborators ask for VMRO-DPMNE not to take part in the next elections by April. We have already heard the initial hallucinations of Soros’ analysts regarding this topic – they urge for VMRO-DPMNE to be destroyed.


Zaev has admitted that Gruevski still has a high rating and he had no clue why it was so. I don’t think he doesn’t know, but if it really is so, it would be best if he looks for the answer from his domestic and foreign mentors. They must know that citizens never give their support to a politician who sells national interests, who endangers country’s security and future, and on top of everything – he doesn’t offer anything that might improve people’s future. The only question is: why would no one of his friends tell him that?


It is crystal clear to everyone, even to Zaev and SDSM, that even after the so-called bombs and scenarios for violent overthrow of the government, the opposition did not manage to win citizens’ support. Therefore, they are now running away from elections as the devil runs away from the cross, thus knowingly extending the ‘dictator’s’ term in office. If Zaev truly wished to save the people from the regime and intends to immediately overturn Gruevski’s rule, he can do that by agreeing to go on elections as soon as possible. And if it is true – as the opposition claims – that Zaev has a transitional government 3 months before elections ‘in his hands’, than Gruevski would dissolve this government instantly. Isn’t that the main purpose of the ‘fighters for democracy’?


Zaev’s advisers asked for EU’s help and inclusion in crisis resolution. Now they throw sticks and stones on them. Now they prey for Victoria Nuland’s help. They wish for her to transfer her Ukrainian experience, but they obviously don’t trust her completely, too, so they have already started reminding of her famous sentence in the wiretapped conversation “fuck the EU”. Just in case.


Miroslav Grcev would eradicate VMRO-DPMNE from Macedonian soil. He has never mentioned, though, what he is planning to build in the Macedonian gene? Soros gene? Miserable and tragicomic, indeed, but can anyone really imagine how would Grcev turn his conspiracy into reality?