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Will reason prevail or we will drown in our own blood?


Nenad Mircevski

It took centuries to fight for our own country, but only 25 years to bring it to a state before self-destruction. Interestingly, in the past two and half decades there were many more serious challenges, which could push the young country to its knees, starting with the process of independence, the economic sanctions from Greece, the pressure to accept the interim reference, the change of flag, the attack on President Kiro Gligorov, the criminal privatization, which left 200,000 people on the street, the events in Gostivar, the refugee crisis during the bombing of Kosovo, the armed conflict in 2001, the territorial division, the suspicious plane crash of President Boris Trajkovski… But all the problems and crises caused by both domestic and external factors were overcome thanks to the wisdom of the tolerant and peaceful Macedonian people. This time, an invertebrate opposition leader and several of his horribly incompetent associates, with the help of the criminal underworld and their “external friends” including ambassadors, Soros ‘Canvas’, members of foreign services … are determined to go to the very end of the intention to overthrow the whole system of the country to the ground, at the cost of causing escalation of the crisis, which may lead to a bloody conflict between the Macedonians. Zaev’s decision on Wednesday not to go to the leaders’ meeting in Vienna is only adding fuel to the fire, which should ignite the passions of the usually tolerant citizens. His request for postponement of the elections on June 5 could be an initial spark of activating a volcano of discontent among the general mass of the people, which controlled the patience in the hope that the crisis will get institutional resolution. Especially if the international community once again tacitly approved his destructive approach.

In this case, like it or not, the solution to the crisis will inevitably be sought on the street rather than on the table. As much as the people had withstood the provocations and challenges, the political manipulation of Zaev and the aggressiveness of his criminal gang has led it to a crossroad that leads to two completely different directions – to continue to tolerate violence and destruction of the state or decisively to go out and say stop to the agony that was caused by these wild hordes.

The decision to take to a mass rally to demand an immediate resolution of the crisis through early elections on June 5 is only an indication that the people did not intend to give up sovereignty of the state in favor of a particular group of criminals, and that particularly upset the opposition vultures that want power without facing speculation.

With a cowardly shriek the opposition media and their everlasting analysts that endorse and encourage violence by the hooligans of SDSM and Soros, and yet at the same time accused the people that defends the state of seeking bloodshed! This is just one of the series of absurdities that they are unsuccessfully trying to push through as absolute truth in order to justify the vandalism that they praise.

Following their distorted logic that they have been propagating for a long time, the wild hordes, organizationally aided by ‘Canvas’ and Soros have the right to burn and destroy, while the several times more numerous mass of people doesn’t have the right to defend the state buildings and the cultural heritage that are targets of attacks.

The hooligans had the right to attack the police, but the police had no right to defend itself. They had the right to judge and condemn without evidence or trial, but no one should dare to judge them. In fact, they do not recognize our courts. They can do anything, because they have an umbrella, and opponents may only silently monitor and pay the damage. Hooligans have the right to attack media and to beat up journalists, but only opposition journalists, media and organizations can complain about their working conditions. Opposition megaphones have the right to insult anyone not like-minded and even to threaten with retaliation against anyone from the “other side” and any criticism on them is seen as pressure on “free media” and as hate speech. The same those that are, allegedly, fighting for freedom and democracy are silencing anyone who thinks otherwise, anyone who calls for sense, calmness and institutional solution for the crisis.

All these quixotic “heroes” that in the past few days are targeting buildings and monuments and attack police officers in an attempt to present themselves before the world and the domestic public that they are fighting for some kind of justice, unwittingly, have demonstrated SDSM’s vision for  Macedonia’s future. And while the people remains silent, their agenda gets through. However, if the international community does not succeed to reason the opposition leader to accept a peaceful solution to the crisis as soon as possible, it is scary to even predict what results will the street bring.