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World Savings Day: Growing level of savings accounts in Macedonia


The level of savings accounts in banks in Macedonia is high. Macedonian citizens foster a culture of saving money in banks. People put denars as deposits and long-term deposits are also on the rise. Savings deposits are safe and secure with banks having enough liquidity.

This was stated Tuesday at an event marking World Savings Day in which Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski called on banks to support projects of companies and to invest in projects deemed important for the economy.

“World Savings Day is marked with a high level of savings accounts amounting to EUR 5.6 billion, with an annual rise of overall deposits of almost 11 per cent. This is good news. Deposits stimulate the economy,” said the Minister.

In the past 10 years, deposits have been rising, according to the Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia (NBRM).

“The fact that a deposit growth was recorded in times of global crisis and several economic and political shocks is a confirmation of the high confidence of the citizens in the banking sector, which has remained sound, stable and liquid,” stated Anita Angeloska-Bezovska.