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Zaev and Tsipras open diplomatic channels amid Greek worries over Macedonian constitutional amendments


Greek daily Kathimerini reports that Macedonia and Greece opened a diplomatic channel meant to avoid any disagreements during the amending of the Macedonian Constitution. According to the paper, Greeks had doubts over Zoran Zaev’s statement that article 49 of the Constitution will be rewritten in line with article 108 of the Greek Constitution – as both articles regulated the care the country will pay to the rights of the Macedonians / Greeks in neighboring countries.

– The discussion over this article was interpreted by some in Athens that fYROM (Macedonia) is trying to leave wiggle room for different interpretations of the Prespa agreement, including in articles which refer to less obvious issues such as those regulating education or trademarks, which will be resolved much later after the treaty has been ratified, Kathimerini writes.

The process to amend the Constitution is in its early stage in the Macedonian Parliament, and members of Parliament, including the key eight former VMRO-DPMNE members, announced they will propose different versions of the amendments, in order to limit the damage caused by the name change or leave room to revert to the current name if Greece fails to implement its obligations under the agreement. This has caused worries in Greece that they will ultimately be left empty-handed in the process.