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Zaev and Verushevski’s “Plan for Macedonia” – alliance for destruction of Macedonia


Nenad Mircevski

After two years of secret relationship Zaev and Verushevski publicly promoted the alliance for destruction of Macedonia, parading hand in hand on the streets of Skopje. The putschists, who were preparing a civil war, instead of being behind bars they are freely promenading downtown Skopje, enjoying the thick shadows of the umbrellas. Not only they are free but also they continue to play with the feelings of the Macedonian people posing as “national heroes.” But instead of “liberators” supported by an army of people, they citizens recognized them as false patriots and traitors in the company of spies, criminals, Islamic radicals, Soros mercenaries and political cadavers. Moreover, their crowd included some brainwashed party soldiers who were adequately separated from the “elite” in the buffer zone. Just to be clear where they belong!

So much for the long awaited “historic civil march” and the dream of successful realization of the scenario for the violent overthrow of the government! The event that was to mark the beginning of the campaign for SDSM’s return to power suffered a classical fiasco.

The slap from SDSM party members is just a preparation for what awaits Zaev and his allies on December 11. But this is huge evidence that even the members of SDSM do not approve the deliberate destruction of the entire state apparatus, undermining the economy, endangering the security, wooing the Albanian voters with promises of bilingualism and cooperating with mercenaries, spies and snitches in order to encourage bloodshed among their own people. The party members, literally, “slapped” their leader and sent a strong message that they do not accept to be part of the shameful scenario for destruction of the state.

Thus, instead of demonstrating strength, Zaev showed how wrong is the strategy of the opposition and confirmed that SDSM is currently led by the weakest, the most unpopular and the most hateful leadership. Neither the Serbian advisers nor the paid revolutionaries, nor the Islamic radicals helped to improve its terrible position. And nor its new coalition partners Pavle Trajanov and Lile Popovska. The party logo change in the colors of the “colorful revolution” testifies to yet another big mistake of the PRs of the Social Democrats, which confirms suspicions that the party and the country have become hostage to foreign interests, which in no way coincide with neither the party’s nor the state’s interests.

The quick change of the bilingual board in the municipality of Cair on the day when the march took place, though, highlights the false love story between the opposition leader and the Albanian voters.

All in all, the cheap attempt at acting general civil mobilization ended much worse than Branko Crvenkovski’s “Resistance”, who with all his experience in 2011 managed to collect at least twice as many people. The Brankovists immediately attacked Zaev for the poor imitation of the “Resistance” which he at that time did not accept just because of personal interests – to keep its mayoral chair in Strumica.

Speaking of ex-leader Branko Crvenkovski – did anyone see him at the march !? The opposition media megaphones celebrated his appearance at the party’s Congress and interpreted it as support for the incumbent leader. If so, why Crvenkovski did not march hand in hand with Zaev and Verushevski? And what was the real reason for his appearance at the Congress? Obviously, even he is not so naive to set about conquering power in a scenario for complete disintegration of the state and entering into conflict with the Macedonian people. And probably he is not crazy to leave the party at Zaev’s mercy.

However, with or without Crvenkovski, the punishment of Zaev and his allies will be relentless in the forthcoming elections. The attempts to postpone the elections or prolong the crisis after December 11 are futile because then neither Gruevski nor VMRO-DPMNE will not be able to stop the people.