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Zaev announced rule of three main pillars, average salary of MKD 30.000

Photo credit: A. Ivanovski

Photo credit: A. Ivanovski

The Macedonian Parliament started the debate on the Government proposed by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, who read his expose and said that the three main pillars of his Government will be to be dedicated to the economy, to strong, professional institutions and justice for all, and to promote European Union and NATO integration, calling for urgent NATO membership  and opening of EU accession talks.

He stressed that the new government will work honestly for the citizens of Macedonia, which will be a state of all citizens and will build a united society that will ensure stability.

He announced some of the measures which SDSM has proposed, such as increasing the minimum wage to 16.000 denars (260 EUR) and the average wage to 30.000 denars (500 EUR), extending the mandate of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, re-introducing an electricity subsidy, abolishment of the public broadcasting tax, increases of salaries for specialized doctors and abolishment of the external testing of teachers. Zaev also insisted that his Government will push for a full repeal and re-election of all judges and prosecutors. He also said that he will work to limit the backlash against SDSM’s political opponents and said that he will refrain from mass firings in the public administration.

For the new Government, Zaev has proposed candidates from the SDSM, DUI and AA parties, which together have 62 out of 120 seats in the Parliament.