Friday, 17 September 2021 | News today: 0

Zaev asks Kammenos to support the Prespa treaty


Zaev addressed Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos on Friday, asking the nationalist politician to support the Prespa treaty.

– I have faith in Kammenos who is also part of the Greek Government. They need to give this historic treaty a chance because it is good for both countries and both peoples. I believe that the benefits will be visible in the first months of its implementation. I’m certain that the trust that Alexis Tsipras has will be implemented in the Parliament as I’m trying to implement the trust Tsipras has in me and in the Macedonian Government in our Parliament. The process here is serious and fundamental. I can’t guarantee the process will succeed in the Macedonian Parliament, but we do what we can and we will continue to do so for an inclusive process which can end until the middle of January, said Zaev.

Kammenos ruled out voting for the proposal and has recently threatened to resign and bring down the Tsipras Government if the treaty is submitted in the Greek Parliament or if the Macedonian Parliament adopts the four renaming amendments. This was prompted by Zaev’s statement that the treaty will allow ethnic Macedonians living in the northern Greek region of Aegean Macedonia to study in Macedonian.