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Zaev cancels visit to Bulgaria amid increasingly heated rhetoric


Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has canceled his planned visit to Bulgaria, where he was supposed to attend the opening of a new section on Bulgaria’s Struma highway. The Government informed that Zaev is not attending the event due to the sudden death of Ohrid mayor Jovan Stojanovski.

The move comes at a time of an increased war of words between Zaev and several Bulgarian politicians, including Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov and members of European Parlaiment Andrey Kovatchev and Angel Dzhambazki. The Bulgarian politicians demand that Zaev acknowledges that there is no Macedonian nation or language separate from the Bulgarian.

Last week Zaev’s spokesman said that he hopes the high profile argument won’t damage relations between the two countries, and that Macedonia still hopes to hold a joint session with the Bulgarian Government. He also cited the upcoming visit by Zaev to the highway site as evidence of enduring good relations.