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Zaev: Citizens are moving forward to NATO and EU

The agreement protects the Macedonian identity. Citizens of Macedonia will proudly join the NATO and the EU. It’s time for a decision! We are moving forward to NATO and EU, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev wrote in his Facebook post on Monday evening.

The post is part of Government’s campaign on upcoming autumn referendum on Prespa Agreement which resolves the name dispute with Greece and opens country’s road to NATO and EU.

The campaign also includes several videos featuring the benefits arising from the agreement.

Previously, the Government at its website published text on facts on the Final Agreement on the name settlement and the strategic partnership between Macedonia and Greece, in which 10 points contain the benefits for Macedonia and the Macedonian citizens. The text also includes link to the full text of the agreement in Macedonian.


The text as first benefit states that the Agreement is for Macedonian future, it protects the Macedonian identity, the Macedonian language and the citizenship is ‘Macedonian’ and it will remain that way in the future. It adds that the national anthem, the coat of arms and the flag will not change. The country code will remain MK-MKD, as officially defined by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Among the 10 points are the invitation for NATO membership and receiving a date for the start of EU membership negotiations and that the Agreement guarantees Macedonian-Greek friendship and cooperation.