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Zaev: Conditions for fair and democratic elections fulfilled

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said Wednesday the conditions for fair and democratic elections have been fulfilled, including a cleaned electoral roll and a trend of balanced media reporting.

“The electoral roll has been cleaned with 80,000 fictitious voters removed, which represented 7.5 percent of the total number of voters. There is also a significant step forward in the media sector. The trend of balanced media reporting has been observed by all media. I believe this statement will encourage them even more. These were the two conditions we asked. Elections will not only be held on December 11, but there will be changes too”, Zaev told reporters during a visit to Prilep.

Asked if the SDSM MP lists would include members of the Colorful Revolution, Zaev referred to the necessity for fair and democratic elections.

“SDSM wants to reach out to the best MP candidates. This process will be guided exclusively by the people’s interest. Our goal is to put the Parliament back to its rightful place. Everyone is welcome. Zaev was also a part of the Colorful Revolution and will be on the list if he is worth it. This goes for everyone”, added the SDSM leader.

Zaev said SDSM would work towards increasing the minimum salary to MKD 12,000 (EUR 200) and the average to MKD 30,000 (EUR 500) through stimulating measures for companies.