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Zaev critical of Kosovo’s decision to create an army, Ahmeti celebrates in his military uniform


Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev criticized the move of Kosovo to declare the creation of its own army.

– I know that the position of NATO is that this is not the time. We don’t need additional tensions. Let’s not forget the the Balkans is a powder keg. I call on all my colleagues to watch their step because our mutual goal in the Western Balkans is to join the EU and advance cooperation to ensure eternal peace and excellent relations, Zaev said during an event on Friday.

Meanwhile his coalition partner and former Albanian guerrilla commander Ali Ahmeti posted a picture of himself in a military uniform to celebrate the occasion.


– We endured many sacrifices, had many dreams and put in many efforts of many martyrs through the centuries to come to this day of freedom, independence, military, equality and perspective, Ahmeti wrote on his social media accounts.

Western countries, who have assumed responsibility for security in Kosovo, seemed divided over the move by the Kosovan Parliament. American diplomats gave their support, while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the move is “ill-timed”.

– I regret that this decision was made despite the concerns expressed by NATO. While the transition of the Kosovo Security Force is in principle a matter for Kosovo to decide, we have made clear that this move is ill-timed. NATO supports the development of the Kosovo Security Force under its current mandate. With the change of mandate, the North Atlantic Council will now have to re-examine the level of NATO’s engagement with the Kosovo Security Force, Stoltenberg said.