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Zaev for Euronews: There has been no discussion of identity, but there was a paragraph about citizenship

“There is no need to change the Constitution. It is a home rulebook. It does not implicate the outside,” Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview for Euronews, MIA Athens correspondent reports.

“We amended the Constitution in 1993,” Zaev said, “because of the feelings of our Greek friends. They wanted to be more covered, more comfortable, so we added amendment two to our Constitution to take care of possible irredentism. All these steps that we have taken until now are to put out irredentism. Greek citizens surely know by now that we do not have any territorial pretensions or anything like that.”

Asked if the talks have included the topic of ethnicity, Macedonia’s PM gave a negative answer. There has been no discussion of identity in the sense of ethnicity, he said, but there was a paragraph about citizenship.

Zaev explained that the erga omnes name applies to the rest of the world.

“’Erga omnes’ means implication for the rest of the world, for the whole rest of the world. And we are prepared to discuss this implication because I know it is very important to the Greek side. We must understand them, and why it is necessary for them to have ‘erga omnes’,” Zoran Zaev said.