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Zaev gave а written guarantee to Ivanov and rejected the Tirana platform as a precondition for new government

President Gjorge Ivanov handed over the mandate to form a new Government to SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, noting that gives the mandate of Zaev, who secured a parliamentary majority.

“The obstacles to award the mandate to form a Government of the Republic of Macedonia have been removed. Today we act under article of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia to determine the mandate holder”, President Ivanov said at the brief ceremony held at the President’s office.

Zaev said that, as he promised before the citizens, and before Ivanov, he delivered a statement that will serve as a guarantee to the office of the President. He said that the two obstacles that prevented the awarding of the mandate have been removed.

“First, we guarantee the protection of the unitary character, sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and the multi-ethnic character of the Republic of Macedonia. We guarantee to protect the territorial unity, the constitutional order and to preserve the national interests of the country. We guarantee that the decision making process will be in accordance with the rule of law, without bringing the Republic of Macedonia in a position of dependence or subordination to another country. No document, declaration, platform, act, which are contrary to the aforementioned positions can serve as conditions or basis to form the Government of the Republic of Macedonia”, Zaev said, after which President Ivanov gave him the mandate.