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Zaev gave Ilinden to the Bulgarians: He gave up the biggest Macedonian holiday

Today in Sofia, Zaev gave the biggest Macedonian holiday, Ilinden, to the Bulgarians. According to Bulgarian news sites, Zaev has indicated that Ilinden will be celebrated together with Boyko Borisov. As they report, Zaev said that the signing of good neighborliness agreement was very close, and they agreed on joint observance of Ilinden holiday in Macedonia on August 2.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov will visit Macedonia and bow before the monument of our joint history, reports BGNES.


Sofia has for many years insisted on renewal of the 10-year agreement signed in 1999. Since then, at all the meetings of the working groups, Sofia has insisted on joint celebration of the Macedonian history. In 2012, President Gjorge Ivanov offered to his Bulgarian counterpart Plevneliev several dates from the so-called new holidays, for example May 9, Europe Day and Victory Day over Fascism.  But Sofia, under “joint celebration” sees completely different holidays. On that occasion Plevneliev estimated that it was “very far from what Bulgaria considers marking joint dates,” and through the media he asked for “real concrete dates for joint celebration.”

“Why not Goce Delcev?” Plevneliev asked back then.

Bulgaria has for several years required their politicians to be part of the Ilinden celebration in Krusevo, and the lobbying for invitation took place on all official and unofficial business channels. The idea of a Bulgarian official at the Meckin Kamen monument came precisely by Plevneliev.

But until now, they encountered a question rather than answer, that Macedonia does not have a problem with joint celebration, but that the goal is to build trust rather than imposing things one on another. In that direction, recent Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki in an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio pointed out that the agreement on good neighborly relations with Bulgaria was not necessary.

The question to which Zaev will now have to answer is in what capacity will Borisov come to Meckin Kamen- whether as a guest friend of the Macedonian nation or as a politician who pushes for “Bulgarian past of collective memory”?

After returning from Sofia, Zaev and the delegation are obliged to release the full agreement on good neighborly relations before the Macedonian people and what has been accepted with it. Or will they hide it as they did with the documents for accepting the Tirana platform?