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PM Zaev: I am optimistic that national consensus can be reached

After Saturday’s coordination meeting of the state’s top officials focusing on the name dispute, which lasted five hours, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he was optimistic that a national consensus on the issue could be reached. He said that this process requires responsibility and that everyone’s involvement is necessary.

“This was an informative meeting of the proposed ideas of mediator Matthew Nimetz. This process requires responsibility. We aim to ensure the progress and protection of national interests. Everyone’s involvement is necessary,” Zaev said.

He added that a solution is possible if there is willingness from the Greek side as well. “We will continue to negotiate,” Zaev said and added that care must be taken not to disturb the negotiation process.

The Prime Minister also announced that working groups for schoolbooks will be formed in the future.

“I will not comment on the Greek positions. I am optimistic that a national consensus on these issues can be reached, Zaev said after meeting with President Gjorge Ivanov and with the leaders of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, Hristijan Mickoski and Ali Ahmeti respectively.