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Zaev intends to ban use of wood, oil and coal for heating in a matter of years


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that the Government may ban use of wood, oil and coal for heating individual homes in the coming years, in order to combat the chronic problem of air pollution in Macedonia. Zaev said that it is urgently needed to introduce affordable natural gas to the country, so that heating of homes during winter would be done in a more environmentally friendly way.

– We all know that the pollution is traced back to heating of homes. More than 90 percent of the pollution comes from heating. A permanent solution will be using gas for heating. An element of the debate we are be having is banning wood, oil and coal in 5-6 years, Zaev said at an interview with the state owned MRTV television.

The Government will hold a meeting on air pollution on Wednesday, ahead of the session dedicated to the budget restructuring act, which, Zaev said, will include funds to combat air pollution.

Zaev faced a good deal of mockery on social media after the interview, for his response when asked when will Macedonia achieve the 5 percent economic growth which he promised.

– We’ll catch up with the rest, God willing, Zaev responded. Economic growth has been disappointing since Zaev took over and began to increase taxes, regulation and the minimum wage.