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Zaev is sacrificing the opposition to satisfy Soros’ appetites


Nenad Mircevski

Aware that “all of his ships had sunk” and that he is getting closer to the day when he will have to say goodbye to the leading position in SDSM, and then to pay for the crimes he has made over past years, Zoran Zaev decided to put the fate of the party he leads at stake.

In the upcoming early parliamentary elections that Zaev is terribly afraid of, according to all polls and expectations, SDSM will suffer another heavy defeat. The question of whether and how the Social Democrats will manage to win the majority of the votes is not considered on Pavel Shatev street (SDSM headquarters) anymore. At the moment the two main dilemmas of the current leadership of the party are the following: first, how to convince the members, supporters and, for them, the very important “foreign friends” after the elections that SDSM is a victim of another electoral robbery and second, how to satisfy the vultures hungry for power, including they themselves, and keep them from not eating each other?

Anyway, in order to address the first dilemma, the opposition media outlets and Soros mercenaries are starting to create a climate of distrust in the election results, disputing the credibility of the voters’ list and continuously referring to the media issue, although SDSM’s leader signed a document that confirms that the conditions for fair and democratic elections have been met. As election day approaches, as expected, the charges are amplified, so that they can be used as impetus for a new crisis after the electoral defeat.

The second dilemma is no less significant and important for the future of Zoran Zaev and his closest associates. The current leadership of the party is aware that it must meet the low side of the main Soros mercenaries hoping to buy their support after the elections. On the other hand, the time when Zaev promised all kind of positions in exchange for support on the street has passed. Now it’s time to level the accounts. The problem is that many will be stood up. The question is who? Uncertainty creates great anxiety among the entire opposition bloc, which grows in public calculations on the social networks and interpersonal disputes.

The deceived colorful revolutionaries, who believed they took to the streets for some changes and not to situate five or six Soros mercenaries, are also anxious. As well as SDSM membership, which opposes the radicalization of the party and the coalition with Soros. There are also sparks among the smaller coalition partners of SDSM who want to have their representatives in Parliament in the future. The culmination will happen next week, when the talks on the allocation of parliamentary seats are expected to follow. It will be interesting to see if Zaev will sacrifice Petkovski and Zernovski for Soros’ support?

Ivon Velickovski already announced that his Liberal Party will act independently in the upcoming elections. Tito Petkovski left room for further cooperation between the NSDP and SDSM, but publicly suggested to Zaev to be gallant with the “colorful revolutionaries” at his own expense. Around the same time Andrej Zernovski appeared, who openly said that the opposition can hope for a good result only with quality staff and program.

Who will enter into coalition with whom, who will win and who will be sacrificed in the battle for the few seats that the opposition accounts on, remains to be seen in the coming weeks. The outcome of the bargain will have a significant effect on the calculation of the difference of the election defeat, and also in determining the fate of Zaev and SDSM, which after the elections can very easily suffer the same fate as PASOK.