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Zaev: Macedonia and Bulgaria share sincere friendship and cooperation

Macedonia and Bulgaria share sincere friendship and cooperation, says Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a Facebook post.

“I see a public debate opening in friendly Bulgaria, including the question whether the two countries and nations are building sincere friendship and cooperation. I would like to tell all citizens they should not have any doubts over the sincerity of the friendship and cooperation between the two countries,” says PM Zaev.

He adds that both countries have jointly observed historic events for over a year.

“I am the first Macedonian Prime Minister to bow before the Goce Delcev monument in Blagoevgrad during the joint observance of the holiday, while my friend Mr. Borissov was the first Bulgarian PM to bow before the grave of Goce Delcev in Skopje. We both bowed before the monument of Tsar Samuel in Sofia, we celebrated the pan-Slavic educators Cyril and Methodius in Rome and Vatican, PM Borisov bowed before the monument of the Holocaust of Jews in Macedonia,” notes Zaev.

He says the two countries build sincere friendship that had been lost for decades.

“We have again found our friend and brother. We should not let this slip away because it is an obligation before our children. Should we forget the way in which PM Borissov and FM Zaharieva fought for Macedonia at the EU Council and the Council of Europe so that the country gets the accession talks date? They fought as they would for their own country. Should we pretend to be blind and deaf to Bulgaria’s efforts in helping Macedonia get the NATO membership invitation? Europe witnessed Bulgaria’s support to Macedonia and the Western Balkans on their EU path. We will never forget this friendship through action. We are grateful and respect this,” underlines PM Zaev.