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Zaev: My term as Prime Minister could end on 30 September if citizens vote against we will cancel the agreement with Greece

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev doesn’t wish to predict how the Parliament will vote if the referendum on name deal fails, namely if the voter turnout is not sufficient. However he is certain in the referendum’s success, as there is no alternative about the direction Macedonia is taking.

‘We have an extraordinary, unique opportunity we must seize. We, the politicians, have done our job making decisions regardless of the consequences of this process. My term as Prime Minister expires in December 2020, but it could end on 30 September (the referendum day) this year. However I am here to make decisions. I’ve done that and I am grateful that the government and the parliament support these decisions, being made to met the citizens’ expectations,’ Zaev told reporters on Wednesday.

All political stakeholders bear responsibility for Macedonia’s future, Zaev said, appealing to all political stakeholders to act responsibly and allow citizens to make decision on a matter of historic importance for the country.

The referendum is being scheduled for 30 September to enable citizens to freely voice their opinion on the (name) deal with Greece and Macedonia’s future within the EU and NATO.

Commenting the possible visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Macedonia, PM Zaev said he invited world leader to visit the country in support of its ongoing processes.

“I hope they will find time and come here to encourage citizens to come out and make a decision,’ Zaev said.