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Zaev officially renounces Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia and toponyms on Greek state television (video)

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with the Greek state television ERT, even before the name agreement entered into force, renounces the Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia and the Macedonian toponyms there, so for Zaev Thessaloniki is no longer Solun, but Thessaloniki.

Macedonians in Greece are not Macedonians, but our friends when we go to Thessaloniki, according to the Prime Minister.

“We accept the Hellenic Macedonian identity and we have nothing against it and we acknowledge it. Those are probably our friends when we go to Thessaloniki, on the peninsulas,” Zaev said in an interview with ERT.

According to Zaev, we, as a people, have another identity and we have nothing with the ancient history, which he calls the Hellenistic Macedonian history, which according to him belongs to Greece. Thus renouncing Alexander II, Philip II, the whole antiquity until the Middle Ages, a history that according to the deal is Greek.

We are different within these boundaries, with our uniqueness, with our culture, with our history, Zakev concludes.