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Zaev: Referendum question yet to be defined

The referendum question is not yet known. We should define, together with political stakeholders and the civil sector, whether it is going to be an advisory referendum or a legally binding referendum. In any case, the outcome will be mandatory, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Tuesday.

“We haven’t discussed the issue yet. It will be put up for debate probably after July 11-12, when we expect to receive the NATO membership invitation. After these dates we will hopefully set the date for a referendum, define the referendum question and determine the style of the referendum itself,” Zaev told reporters in Prilep.

Most likely, the referendum will take place either in late September or in early October.

“Together with all political stakeholders and the civil sector, we will decide whether the referendum will be advisory or binding. But, everyone needs to know that the outcome will be mandatory, meaning the will of the citizens should be respected,” he said.

The PM said the question would likely include the name deal with Greece as well as NATO and the EU.

“All options are open in the voting. It all depends on how the political stakeholders in the country will agree to allow the citizens to get a fair chance and to clearly say what they think it’s best for their future. I call on the citizens to vote for the Macedonian future,” PM Zaev concluded.