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Zaev stalls law on languages, Albanians threaten, international community powerless

Zaev is doing everything to prolong the passing of the Law on Languages in the form that he promised during the formation of the government coalition in the first hundred days of the formation of the government, sources from DUI and other Albanian parties told “Kurir”.

Zaev’s goal is to prolong the passing of the law after the local elections in October because he is aware that if this law is implemented, he will experience a disaster in the elections.

Fierce argument between Ahmeti and Zaev

This SDSM maneuver caused serious reactions in the Albanian bloc. DUI estimated that they would not be able to withstand the pressure from Besa, but also from the voters. Ahmeti threatened Zaev with breaking the government by asking its confidence or in another form. He told his coalition colleague that he took great risk in leaving a coalition that was producing results, jobs, factories and that he must compensate that now. In order to calm the tension in the correspondence, representatives of the international community were involved.

Intervention from the international community

The international community balances the pressure on both sides. Ahmeti was suggested that it is of greater interest to close the issues with Greece and Bulgaria, for which they need strong SDSM and SDSM which will defeat VMRO-DPMNE in the municipal elections, thus causing shift of leadership which will enter into a joint resolution of the name with SDSM or, at the very least, it will keep silent. Ahmeti was told that Zaev already has a major issued to resolve, and that is the agreement with Bulgaria, an important for the road to the EU, and that the two issues are too much to solve for a short period of time.

On the other hand, Zaev had to swallow up the story that DUI’s ratings is in free fall and that if the law is not passed, it will lose to Besa in the municipal elections, and they do not want that as it is believed that Besa is under partial influence of Turkey and Erdogan. Zaev was told that Ahmeti should be helped, and that he would respond with support in the second round of municipal elections, especially in Skopje and Kumanovo.