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Zaev: The reform agenda returns to Parliament

The reform agenda has returned to Parliament. We should congratulate the responsibility of the two-thirds majority of MPs, who yesterday brought amendments to the public prosecutor’s office laws, the criminal procedure and the courts, wrote Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Facebook.

With the changes, according to Zaev, the control over the police is strengthened, citizens are protected from unauthorized restrictions on rights, there will be no more arbitrary wiretapping.

“Citizens are safer, the police work within the legal framework with enhanced control. We release the “captured state” from the criminal clamps in the past,” Zaev says.

These reforms, according to the prime minister, are derived from the reports of the Priebe group and other international organizations, and are an essential contribution to the European agenda of Macedonia in the period of the EU screening process until the opening of the chapters in June 2019.

“European standards for European Macedonia,” Zaev says on Facebook.