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Zaev urges businessmen to buy votes of employees: Open your wallets, this is important (video)

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Zaev openly urged businessmen and business owners in Kriva Palanka to “open their wallets” and give their employees extra pays ahead of the referendum.

In a scandalous statement, Zaev is practically asking companies through bonuses or extra payments to bribe workers to come out and vote in the referendum. The justification for such act is, according to Zaev, the bright future ahead of Macedonia.

Today even private companies are awakened. I heard today in the government building when we met with the investor of “Minstroj”, saying “I sent a message to the employees, everyone to come out and vote in the referendum. This is good for Macedonia, for Kriva Palanka, but also for my company because perspectives are being opened”. And not only that, he promised to give some reward to the employees by believing that Macedonia is shining at the moment, but also his investments in our Macedonia. We have company directors in Macedonia, Macedonians who say “we will give another extra salary because a perspective opens for my company”. I urge all businessmen, give you employees extra payments. This is important for the companies and for the citizens and for the state. If someone has, the owners have, the businessmen have, they can open their wallets a little bit more, said Zaev in Kriva Palanka on Wednesday.