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Zaev virus deadly for the opposition


Nenad Mircevski

The first action of the Prosecution named “Titanic” showed three key things: the opposition does not intend to democratize the society, but to occupy it; the Special Prosecutor’s Office missed a huge opportunity to restore the trust in the judiciary and showed that acts as an extended arm of Zaev and his foreign mentors; the professional standards in the media that love to call themselves independent have never been lower, and the opposition journalists have never relied more on lies and manipulations rather than facts and arguments. All this, though, leads to one conclusion – the Zaev virus that causes complete erosion of moral and ethical human values is seriously spread not only among his closest party associates, but also among the Special Prosecutor and Zaev’s media trumpets.

Looking for the source of the infection, one can not get to the umbrella. Obviously, Verushevski and Caush’s wife are not the only ones who received Zaev’s message “you know who is behind us,” and by the way of acting, it seems that many, literally, understood the direction “if you’re caught in a lie, do not worry, we’ll deny everything. ” Fortunately, neither the people are so stupid, nor they are so intellectually powerful to humiliate the people to that extent.

Truth be told, Zaev, doesn’t really care if he is caught in a lie and how many times a day he’ll have to deny himself. But for a man of his opportunities we can say that is understandable, especially considering that for him this is a game of all or nothing.

It is unclear why the Special Prosecutor fell for the false security of the wet umbrella and agreed to play the role of Zaev. Janeva, indeed, had a historic opportunity to show how justice is served impartially, to contribute to restore the trust in the judiciary, even as she said, the legal science to learn something from from her. The lawyers and the public are mostly curious to find out why “Titanic” set sail from her office legally unprepared and politically colored? How come crimes against elections took priority over the wiretapping case where the person  behind the affair should have been found? Who will answer for the illegal detention of Edmond Temelko? What is the reason for her interest in the cases against the father and the son Verushevski even though they are not under her competence? Will she have to give serious legal explanation for requiring release from custody for the wiretapper, while seeking the tapped ones to end behind bars? It will be interesting to hear how the additional 400,000 wiretapped conversations were found in the boxes Zaev that gave her as a New Year’s present? Was Santa Claus late with the delivery of the second half or were one million and fifty thousand conversations put in a single hard disk drive?


No less important for the public would be to find out how one can get a credit on behalf of a deceased husband and why is she making false statements about her assets.
The Special Prosecutor had a chance to become an admiral, but missed it when she handed over the helm to a suicide bomber. Now there is no doubt that the ship will end at the bottom. The question is who will sink with it, and who will manage to save themselves?

With the sinking of “Titanic” once again the true face of the Soros media came to the surface. Again, as in Divo Naselje, the opposition news portals were flooded with false news and information, which without any shame continued to share them even after it became apparent that they are incorrect. The “professionals” turned into euphoric vultures, which were competing which will be the first to satiate the need of their leader for human flesh. Without shame, without morals, without responsibility.

But, in the collective madness acting there is an unpleasant moment for them – there is a deadly antivirus for the Zaev virus called the people. Vaccination is mandatory and there is no escape from it.