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Zaev woos Albanian voters: I will make entire Macedonia bilingual


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev announced bilingualism throughout Macedonia if his party comes to power. In an interview for Nova TV, he said that in the fight for votes he was more ready than the Albanians to make the Albanian an official language in all cities in Macedonia, even in Prilep, Stip, Strumica and other cities where more than 90% of ethnic Macedonians live.

SDSM leader is not hiding that the anti-Macedonian policy has the sole purpose to woo Albanian voters, no matter if it is at the expense of the Macedonian national interests.

On many occasions experts commented that Zaev is aware that he has no support among Macedonian voters, so in an attempt to save what can be saved he is wooing the Albanians, hoping that they will get him out of the disaster that awaits him on 11 December.