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Zaev’s public gathering in Kocani was complete debacle (gallery)

The coalition ‘United for European Macedonia’ launched Friday the pre-referendum campaign in the town of Kocani.

But instead of conveying to the citizens the message that he wanted to say, he faced the message that the citizens sent to him.

Today at 18:00 h in Kocani, Zaev addressed a public gathering, where he certainly expected support from the citizens. But in the city of 25,000 residents, barely 200 came to the gathering. That’s the number of people in Kocani who wanted to hear the Prime Minister’s words before the referendum.

The whole municipality has about 35,000 residents, and only 25,000 live in Kocani. This means that today only senior members of the party and several of the citizens that SDSM employed after it came to power came to hear Zaev.