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Zahariev: After 2020, Stip will get airport

VMRO-DPMNE candidate for mayor of the Municipality of Stip, Ilco Zahariev, at Saunday’s rally in Stip, pointed out that thanks to the Government led by Nikola Gruevski, now all roads lead to Stip.

From the first day we went to work, we did not stop. We had an enthusiasm, motivation, knowledge. We knew what to do in this city, and indeed, we created over 450 projects, and our report has 500 pages. We would not have accomplished if it weren’t for the major capital projects of the central government. The road to Veles is already completed, and the 90% of the highway to Skopje is completed, an express road is being built to Kocani, a new Clinical Hospital is being built, the “Goce Delcev” University was built, the gasification is completed, we have a new TIR zone, and after 2020 we will have a new airport, Zahariev noted.

He said that there were over 160 streets, as well as over 38 sports facilities. He emphasized that new challenges were coming, and that VMRO-DPMNE had a new vision to build Stip.

We will strengthen the local economic development. We will have new employments, two new industrial zones and expansion of the industrial zone in Tri ceshmi and the old industrial zone near Metal Alumina. We have arranged the Otinja River, we have a new challenge, we have to arrange the river Bregalnica as well as the river Otinja. We will support the business community, but we will also fight for workers’ rights, especially our diligent and dedicated textile workers in our city. Our projects will be in the area of infrastructure, to finish those 10 streets that are not completed in our city. And that is the bypass with the bridge of Bregalnica in the place “Senjak” all te way to Prebek and continuing the same to Kezhovica bath, pointed out Zahariev.

He pointed out that he would invest in new water pipelines, where they are not. He added that a sewerage network would be built where it is outdated or missing.