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Zoran Ancevski wins Miladinov Brothers Award for his Celestial Pantomime (video)

Macedonian poet and translator Zoran Ančevski is this year’s winner of the Miladinov Brothers Award, which the Struga Poetry Evenings gives annually to the best book of poetry published in the country.

The judging panel, chaired by Danilo Kocevski, announced Ančevski’s eighth book, Celestial Pantomime, the best poetry collection published between the end of last year’s SPE and the start of this year’s festival.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Kocevski described Celestial Pantomime as an achievement of an expert, masterful poet.

“Evident is the conception of this collection as a compact poetic construct of rhythmic and semantic harmonies that underlie its approach towards the pivotal motives of poetry,” Kocevski pointed out.

“Ančevski pays attention to the architectonics of his book. The poems are carefully divided into five thematic units and are sophisticated at the level of language.”

“Moving within the dimensions of experience, Ančevski subtly points out the traps of the illusory, alerting us to the complexities of the personal microcosm,” Kocevski added.

The Miladinov Brothers Award, Ančevski told MIA, meant a lot to him primarily because of his attachment to the festival.

“Miladinov Brothers, in my opinion, is the greatest award because Macedonia has no other national poetry prize of this kind,” Ančevski said.

“It’s even more important to me that finally—if you consider all the years I’ve worked for the festival and how long I’ve been writing poetry—my eighth collection has won the award.”

He recalled his longtime connection to the SPE as part of the festival’s organizing team.

“The SPE bug bit me as early as my college days when my classmates and I would come and sleep at the beach only to be able to attend the Struga Poetry Evenings events.

“Then, over the course of my professional career and my many projects tied to managing and operating the festival, the SPE bug remained. Once a hippie poet, I’ve now become the laureate of the greatest Macedonian poetry prize,” Ančevski said.

Five poetry collections made this year’s Miladinov Brothers Award shortlist, including Under the Dervish’s Sikke by Andrej Al Asadi, Voices by Jordan Danilovski, Let Me Finish Playing by Jovica Ivanovski, and Butterfly of Ashes by Suzana V. Spasovska.

The winning book was chosen by a panel of judges chaired by Kocevski and including Miloš Lindro, Nataša Avramovska, Nataša Saroska, and Ivan Šopov.